Media Production

This class is a student driven class primarily about producing The 9th Show, PVHS' own student news program. Students who take the class will report on events that impact Putnam Valley High School. Topics taught in class: television program producing, audio, lighting, cameras and lenses, switching, recording and editing, multiple-camera setup, directing, and other crew positions. The value of the learning experience of this course is to simulate a real world work situation and obtain "hands-on" experience.


IB Film aims to develop students as proficient interpreters and makers of film texts. Through the study and analysis of film texts, and practical exercises in film production, students develop critical abilities and appreciation of artistic, cultural, historical and global perspectives in film. We will be analyzing concepts, theories, practices and ideas from multiple perspectives, challenging our own views in order to gain a more global perspective. By experimenting with film and multimedia technology, we will acquire the skills and creative competencies required to successfully communicate through the artistic medium. We will also be developing our artistic voices and learning how to express personal perspectives through film. The course emphasizes the importance of working collaboratively, international and intercultural dynamics, and an appreciation of the development of film across time and culture.